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Viatores Christi, a faith-based development organisation has specialised in the recruitment, training and deployment of overseas volunteers since 1960. VC have just launched, along with our partner agencies in Volunteering for Humanity, a new Online Discussion Forum that is open to all! The Forum is an online community that is free for everyone to join and to start discussions about volunteering – how to become a volunteer; to share stories and to find volunteering opportunities such as the #EUAVI. To learn more about the forum go to our website


We promote family life at the Centre as lepers stay with their families and avoid and prevent any kind of stigma. Lepers have children and grandchildren who stay with them.

We are grateful for the funds we received from St. Patrick’s Parish. We bought food and groceries that were distributed to the lepers and their families.

The people of Chibote Rehabilitation Centre and their families are grateful to the parish priest and all the parishioners of St. Patrick’s Parish for their generosity and kindness.

And they wish them a special blessing from the Almighty God.


Sr. Mary and all the people of Chibote


As we have resumed Masses at 10am and 12 noon Sundays, the help of extra stewards would be appreciated. The role involves seating parishioners at Masses, funerals and weddings, helping to ensure the safety of those attend, and ultimately providing a welcome to those who visit our churches. Training will be provided for the role. Please contact Damian in Parish Centre or leave name in Parish Office. Thank you.

Celebration of Mass

In view of current N.I. regulations the maximum seating capacity of the church will be maintained at all times.
There will be a variable capacity, depending on how many parishioners attend as individuals or as families/households.
Face Coverings are mandatory when entering and exiting the church and should be worn throughout services.
Please cooperate and follow the guidance of our volunteer stewards. Thank you.


Viatores Christi, a faith-based development organisation has specialised in the recruitment, training and deployment of overseas volunteers since 1960. VC runs an online volunteer preparation course covering Community Development, Health, Global Awareness, Mission, etc. This is open to all! Once completed, participants can be considered for volunteer roles through VC EU Aid Volunteers #EUAVI programmes. Please visit the News section of our website or email


We are indebted to the number of parishioners who responded to our appeal by setting up a monthly standing order in lieu of payment by Offertory Envelopes. This method helps ensure a regular income.
We are very aware of the current pressures on family and personal incomes and budgets and acknowledge sincerely your continuing generosity, goodwill and support in these challenging times.
Thank you once again!


Grateful thanks to all who helped with the distribution of the Parish Offertory Envelopes.

Could we kindly ask anyone who has not yet received their box of envelopes to contact Maria, Parish Office – tel. 028 92 660206. For parishioners who do not have Offertory envelopes, contributions towards Parish upkeep can be made by cash, or cheque, and placed in the post-box of the Parish Office.


Thank you for your very generous support of our Annual Missionary Appeal. Well done! A magnificent sum of £12,162.50 has been split and forwarded on your behalf to the Medical Missionaries of Mary (Uganda) and Dominican and Franciscan Sisters (Zambia) working with marginalised, stigmatised and disadvantaged children and individuals.

A donation was assigned to a Leper Colony in Zambia. Since 1975 it has been run by the Franciscan Sisters of Assisi for people with leprosy. They took on the responsibility for almost a hundred families. It now has several homes and clinics, treats leprosy at Liteta Hospital, and helps leprosy patients at Chibote Rehabilitation Centre. There is a school and nursery, and nutrition centres feeding 2000 orphans, and 145 resident children of people with AIDS. An acknowledgment of your generosity is below:

“Dear Parishioners,
I am Sr. Mary Kapambwe In charge of Chibote Rehabilitation Centre for the Lepers. I am grateful for the generous donation and I am humbled by you gesture of love for the lepers.
Your donation has come at the right time when the maize which is used for mealie meal as staple food is almost running out. Whatever will be purchased for the lepers and their families, pictures will be sent to you. I am grateful to your parish family once more. Thank you a lot and God bless your good works of love.

Sr. Mary Kapambwe
Chibote Leprosarium, Zambia”


We are recruiting people like you to provide supported lodgings accommodation for young people aged 16-24 who are not quite ready to live independently.

Supported lodgings is a type of foster care but does not require the same level of care that fostering provides. If you’re interested in finding out more please: Call us on 0800 0720 137

or visit

Courage Pentecost

Courage Pentecost seeks to provide the solidarity within Christian Churches so we can carry out acts of courage together, supporting, inspiring and encouraging one another. On each of the 50 days between Easter Monday (5th April 2021) and Pentecost Sunday (23rd May 2021), Courage Pentecost will share an image and suggest a courageous action that can be taken in the face of sectarianism and paramilitary violence. Each step is invitational rather than aspirational. Courage Pentecost is for all of us (not just the heroic and famous few), because we can all contribute to a more reconciled society. These contributions could be anything from a private act of prayer to a public act of witness. Join us on our Pentecost Journey of Courage! Together we can step forward bravely. Sign up with your email at and we will send you all the details.

Recently Deceased

Anna Mulholland: Vera Kennedy

Months Mind

Bridget (Bridie) O’Rourke


Fr Vincent Leonard; Fr Charles Denvir: Eileen McCaughan: Deirdre Horsman

May they rest in peace.